Narrating with Fotobabble

Fotobabble is an online photo editing application. It allows adding a recording to a photograph. It can be used to tell a story or explain what is happening in the photograph. Once the audio photo is completed, the file can be downloaded to a computer, shared on social networking sites, shared using the iPhone, or embedded in websites.

iPads in the Classroom: Some Reasons to Use Them*

  • A variety of learners and learning styles are reached by the auditory, kinesthetic and visual components of the iPad. For example, motion sensors allow kinesthetic learners to use their hands to guide the iPad and use its apps.

  • Students are motivated and engaged by the use of the iPad.

  • The many apps available for the iPad allow learners of different age groups to be creative and expand their learning experience.

  • It requires little maintenance and software installation.

  • it boots up more quickly than other mobile devices.

  • it has a longer battery life, thus it can stay charged for the entire school day.

  • It can be more easily moved and carried.

* See References page for sources

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Google Voice

Google Voice is a free online voicemail service that can be used for a variety of learning and assessment activities in the classroom. World language students can use Google Voice to complete speaking tasks assigned by their teachers for homework, practice, and formative or summative assessments.