Links to online applications for tasks in which students apply and demonstrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the target language.

Create comic strips in the target language

Record, publish, and share audio or video podcasts

Edit photos and create collages

Create surveys, polls, and quizzes

Create animated 3D movies and make characters speak

by typing the text

Treasure hunting with Geocaching using GPS technolgoy

Write and publish stories online

Google Circles: create circles of people you know

to share information

Google Hangouts: face to face communication via

computer, phone, or tablet devices

Initiate online discussions with blogs or chat rooms

Share knowledge, files, and manage projects online

Create websites

Connect to people via the Internet by voice with a microphone,

by video with a webcam, or instant messaging

Create, show, and share multimedia presentations online

Bookmark and share websites, or take notes and highlight

text on web pages

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